i99 Windsurfer
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i99 Windsurfer

Original Windsurder one class board with light single mould technology.

Comes with a full rig.

  • The one single size mould design, slightly revisited in shape and the Composite One Shot Technology allow the board to reduce weight significantly with improved effect on overall performances.
  • The dagger board with up-wind ability is a key factor here as to diversify and spread the targets of windsurfing approach from beginners to any level of cruising.
  • The Windsurfer LT. by I-99 Cesare Cantagalli will be available in the classic mode including the Windsurfer Class rule-sized registered dagger to compete on Windsurfer Class events or the option of a smaller dagger and deck-cover plate as to provide the convertible option for SUP cruising.
  • The optional rig components are completed by the original Windsurfer 5.7 m2 Mylar sail with a modern 40% carbon SDM mast and a vario aluminium boom.