Performa Pro 105
Delivery time 1-2 weeks
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Performa Pro

Handling, ease-of-use, speed and control never before seen in a freeride board!

Program:  Performance Freeride

The name says it all, welcome to the new reference in the freeride market, whereby the focus of the design mandate was to create something special for the intermediate sailor.

Thorough testing of rival products on the market revealed a clear shortcoming; slow to plane/accelerate and limited top speeds. Not anymore!

The Performa breaks through freeride performance barriers to reveal a range of boards that are super easy, plane exceptionally early, gybe effortlessly and have excellent stability once planing.  A freerider’s dream!

–  The R&D result:

Ultra fast for a freeride board and easy planing combined with incredible side-to-side stability in all wind ranges. These are the most important points when considering modern freeride boards.

– Summary:

The final testing results on the water were honestly excellent, and the test team was truly excited to release these trend-setting and fully original designs into the marketplace!

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